Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Surfing Hawaii

 Our home school physical education program is looking OK.
We found a surfing teacher @ Kona Surf Co.
From previous experience trying to surf I had my doubts, but we decided this was something we wanted to do, and we went against Mozen tradition, and hired a pro.  Our teacher, Austin, from Kona Surf Co. was excellent

First try O stood up.

First try for Avery.

Dad about to run the gang over

Elizabeth took right to it.  

Usually pretty graceful- Elizabeth held it together even in the wipe outs. 
All of us working a wave.  (If only I had stood up)  

Here they go.  Owen is scheming....

Yeah! I can finally catch Avery, and maybe run her over!!!

I'm getting her. 
.She's getting away!!

I love these bookends.  The photographer on the shore got us to buy some photos when he showed us this shot. 

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