Monday, November 12, 2012

Pueo Owl  (Hawaiian Short Eared Owl)
A Report by Owen Mozen
Picture by Owen- Pencil and Paper

The Pueo Owl is endemic to Hawaii.  You may see them flying day or nite They are most active at dawn and dusk.  the Pueo Owl is relatively short.  It grows to 14 to 16 inches tall.  Females are larger than males.  They nest on the ground, which makes their eggs vulnerable to mongooses.  They raise their young at many stages.  Their young don’t all hatch at the same time, so when one might be fledging, one might be hatching. The Pueo Owl’s main hunting tools are his talons, which are vary powerful and sharp.  Like most owls, the Pueo owl has excellent hearing. This is partially because of the funnels created by the head feathers, which channel the sound into the ear canals.  The Pueo Owl’s ears ear are located at an angle.  One ear is located below the eye, and one ear is located above the other eye.  Being asymetrical, it helps them hear the depth of what they are listening to.  

The tips of the owl’s wing feathers are rough to prevent them from flopping around as a duck’s or a puffin’s would;  and makes it silent when the owl flies. It lives at sea level to 6,000 ft above

The Puaeo Owl used to eat a flightless bird called the Hawaiian Rail which is now extinct. Today they eat rats, mice, and small mongooses. 

The Pueo Owl is sacred and important in many Hawaiian myths and legends. 


Bill Mann said...


Nice job with this owl. I finally got to see a live owl when We were in New Mexico, such a cool bird. I am interested in the mongooses. We have heard that they are so slippery that they can run through chicken wire and get to the chickens and back out and all they leave are teeth marks on the birds. Hope they don't get Annabell's.

Uncle Bill

howard mozen said...

Dear Uncle Bill- We saw a Pueo Owl flying around. Dad said "there's a Pueo on the wire", and I thought he said "there's a whale on the wire" . Then I said "Really?, Is he alive?" Dad said, "yeah of course he's alive." Then I was like, "Is daddy drunk or something" I mean even a dead whale on a wire would be pretty awkward. The I figured out it was a Pueo, and we went back and saw the owl flying around over a field at about 3000 ft. elevation. (he was about 30 ft off the ground. I wish I could fly.
Sincerely, Owen