Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ohana Makahiki Festival Sat., Nov. 17

A homeschooler's dream: We got invited to Waimea Middle School by an old friend from my college days. We got to learn about voyaging and the foods Polynesians brought with them to Hawai’i.  Guess where the Polynisians came from?... Tahiti!!! Super cool to make that connection, as that is our next stop.  

Makahiki games They taught us games and explained how these connect to the past and present – including their ties to science and cultural and environmental learning. 

Makahiki games

This makahiki game is where you roll a stone disc through  a target.  This is how the women used to help their warrior men in battle.  The women were not allowed to fight, but they tripped up the enemy by rolling hundreds(?) of stones at the enemy's feet as they were attacking

This game is another practice for battle.  You slide the wooden sticks along the ground to trip up opponents

A game of strength and balance- hold one foot and your opponent's hand and the first to step out, or fall down loses. 

The Alaskans held their own

In this game, the object is to get the opponent onto the ground, or move his middle foot.  

Making Poi
The 3 main carbohydrates for indigenous island folk were: Bread Fruit, Taro Root (Poi) and Sweet Potatoes
Here a gentleman is peeling taro root (called kalo) with a limpet shell.

The work place to make the poi.

All the folks there seemed to really like poi. After they helped tech, they  all made a baggie fr themselves.  

The finished product goes in a bag, and it is very stable, and can store  without refrigeration for some days. 

Siblings pounding poi

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I wonder if Alaska Native Games and Hawaian Native Games have ever competed against each other? CC