Friday, February 22, 2013

Horseback ridding in Huaco

They said they had horses that could take tourists
Getting ready to ride. 

Really the horses probably hadn't had too many tourists

The horses were strong, but not really used to novice riders.


Below the white painted rocks which are a part of a shrine to the saint who died of thirst in the desert and her baby lived.

With no stirrups it was harder to stay on when  the horse was bucking

Avery tamed her wild beast and had no problems. 

Wild burros wondering what we are up to.

Our guide getting on. No saddle, just a running leap.

Huaco- traveling about the tiny town

Ella- intrepid 3 legged companion on our walks about the Hosteria

Fresh apricots picked from the trees of Huaco

Elizabeth Horan was on her way out to climb Aconcogua.  The kids helped her  by carrying her plastic climbing boots.  

Tourists being served by the Govt.

Sometimes, all people walking the dusty street drink soda.

These channels , "asecas" are all over Argentina, directing water all about the dry towns.

Reading under the shade of our favorite grape arbor at the Hosteria

Learning with Francisco at Hosteria Huaco, Argentina

Francisco had a vision

Actually Francisco had many ideas that we pursued.  Here  he and Owen are making a telegraph.

Alway some project. here a light bulb project?

If you use your head- (and pulleys and rope...

A small boy can lift a huge stone.

The vision is a reality.  The smiling wooden horse closes  the gate.

The farm WWOOF 1/3 to 1/11/ 2013

                     We got lucky enough to spend 6 days on Granja Tia Nora: Farm Aunt Nora  (3 days, then a break to Huaco, then 3 more)

This is Owen feadding the animals

Mom at the farm 

Avery and Butthead feading the chickens


Grapes- ripe and available to snack on

Owen riding high

Grinding up the dry grass to use for all kinds of farm jobs.  Owen put the shrredded matter under the huge squash to keep them from rotting.

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The entrance to the kitchen where the best organic vegetarian meals were served.

Sunny Sunflower

Life on the farm can be grueling, however not always...

our 5 hour siestas were often at the pool.

We loved the Peacock

Weeding-  Great stuff- all goes to the animals.