Saturday, November 3, 2012

Big Island November 3

Owen swimming at the beach on a "busy" Saturday. 

Crabs scared the kids, but they scurried away when we came near. The rock : Pahoehoe

Avery's sun block

Little by little...not yet swimmers, but will be soon.
We were in Anchorage Yesterday!!!!   At  Mahai'ula beach today.  We are learning how to say, hear and understand the many new Hawaiin words and place names. Learning to swim, and lots of new natural history to absorb.  The Noni fruit- kinda like wormwood in terms of medicinal properties.  In our short time here we have seen Golddust Gheckos, chickens, green parakeets, tiny puffin-like birds, goats, ants and mongoose, (mongeese?) around the house.  Lots of animals that were introduced here by humans.
Pahoehoe lava that flowed here in 1801

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