Monday, January 7, 2013

Tahit! Outrigger Canoe December 8th

Tahiti Adventures- Frank's company has been taking a couple about the island, and we... the lucky Mozen Schafers get to tag along. WE have been looking at these canoes in HI and here, and really wanted to try one. and lo and behold!...

Frank's son Tahiti was the captain of our canoe.

He is a powerful man. He steered and gave a lot of forward power. Here, the entire Mozen/Schafer clan is paddling

Elizabeth, Ralph, Avery, Howard, Owen and Tahiti.

Tahiti got his 'boar tusk" necklace Tattoo when he was 16. Done with a homemade gizmo.

Frank ran the support boat. And... put Owen on some fish!

He trolled for bluefin jack (Caranx melampygus) also caught a yellowfin spotted jack. similar fish.

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