Saturday, January 12, 2013

Easter Island December 18-22

Into Chile (Owner of Easter Island; also called: Isla Pascu, and Rapa Nuio

More adventure canoes.  Like the ones we saw in Hawaii, and Tahiti.  These have been everywhere that we have traveled.

We got invited on and talked about what adventuring in the wide, wild Pacific is like.

We tried to imagine being out for 44 days, looking for a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific.  
Friendly loose dogs and Eucalyptus trees seem to be everywhere that we travel.

Our hike took us to the edge of a crater. Part of the volcanic story of Rapa Nui.
The island where the "Birdman" competition took place.  Competitors ran down cliffs to he coast.  Swam with reed surfboards 1.2 miles out to island to see who could get the first egg of the Sooty Tern, and bring it back intact to the chiefs waiting at the top of the cliffs.

Here's an example of how the "Birdman" competitors got out to the island to get the eggs.  However, they wore much fewer clothes.

These folks built a lot out of the stones.  Here are some dwellings of the area used to watch the "Birdman" competition.

We would be given a strict talking to if we did what this dog did.  (get so close to these ancient stone dwellings, which were recently rebuilt)

Recess!  Teeter totter balanced on a huge fishing hook carved of wood.
I do not think this is historical

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