Monday, January 7, 2013

Fish! Tahiti Dec. 4-18, 2012

Frank is our host here in Moorea, which is an island 12 miles from Tahiti. I was hoping we could learn from the locals and live like the locals. Well, we got that and more.

First night after changing money and shopping and getting settled in Frank brought us a Bonita. Dark red meat. ZW ate it raw and cooked, with rice and beans. Frank found us Masa Harina, (cause corn tortillas are hard to come by). Avery jumped in and made tortillas for our fish tacos. We had truly arrived.

Owen and I went out spear fishing the next morn with Frank's son Tahiti and his friend Tua. Those guys can fish! They lay on the bottom and spear lots of fish. No SCUBA just holding breath. Owen and I tried to keep up.

They caught maybe 20 fish and an octopus. I counted 12 different species.

They gave us a bunch of fish.

That cabana behind Elizabeth is where we are staying.

We ate this blue parrot fish for lunch.

Must have corn tortillas. Yay Avery!! This is an outside kitchen that we use.

Because we only had 6 fish, (sarcasm),  and two for lunch, Frank rounded up this female Dolphin Fish (Mahi) for our evening meal with his family. We had been hoping to get into some fish, but wow!!! After he filleted one side he let me do the other. The "Nani" in the background is our cabana, we are standing in the ocean!!! Unbelievable location.

Frank the master fish cutter.
First he skins it, then takes off the meat. Very conscious not to waste.

I was honored to get to fillet the other side.

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