Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Field Trip

                                                       River Trip McCarthy to Chitina

The river trip gang minus Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and her nervous husky.
Dori came a long ways towards being comfortable
with travel on a raft.

Rose hips

Judging by the signs we figure this is a wolf den.


Avery commandeering the oars.

Strange,spongy,riverside silt

Camp day

Getting gear from raft.
Owen-you are missing your life jacket.

Take me to Chitina O.


An Owen entry: August 28, 2012:
Day 3 on the raft trip
Chitina River
8:40 PM
Dad and Parker are coming down from a day of hunting sheep. They didn't catch anything, but they might go up again tomorrow. I went swimming today in the pond. Tomorrow,if it is a layover day I will go fishing. Yesterday we got to the camp about noon. It had been pouring rain all day. At our first camp called "Freaky Dog Camp" we sited in dad's gun. The dogs went beserk with fright. That is how the camp got its name.
August 30th,
Day 6 of raft trip
6:30 PM
We didn't go back up the mountain instead we wen to a creek, where I snagged a salmon but it broke the line.

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