Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bonanza Hike 9/29

A wheeler, rifle, chainsaw kind of morning starting pre-dawn cruising in the morning chill, down to neighbor's to pick up Tim R and his dog Halo.  We cut a cord and then some for Emily of White Spruce.  Came back to the Yurt with some Spruce Hens to find Avery packed lunches for our hike.  We motored up to Sam's driveway then began hiking.   
Still green and plants about
Owen finally got his smoked rainbow smelt that he caught in Bristol Bay back in July.  It was smoked, frozen and had many adventures until it finally arrived in Kennicott to be fried then carried up the mountain and eaten for hiking energy.

above the trees and green

we didn't think we would ever make it

our route up with Tim and Owen climbing

Mt. Clouds

Quintessential Kennicrap 

lets get way up on the mountain, then rummage around on broken boards and rusty nails. 

The old buildings have held up pretty well. Amazing how that got so much so high on the mountain.

Owen on the ridge above upper McCarthy Creek, with Nikolai Ridge behind him.   Snowing and  blowing and he  was comfortable and warm. Makes me wonder how he'll do in the warmer weather of our travels. 
Elizabeth didn't go with because of her broken toe, (which is healing quickly).  However, a fine dinner and hot hot tub awaited our return.   


howard mozen said...
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Liam said...

Yeah! You've now bagged all the mines. Sorry we weren't there with you - looks awesome. Machu Pichu will be a piece of cake!