Friday, August 24, 2012

Pilot Point, Camp Kissa Fishie

 In mid
July all the gang ended up in Pilot Point, on the Ugashik River, to
join Howard who  was working the set net fishery at the Bursch Family
fish camp

An amazing place of water and sky, currents and tides, fish and
friends. It was great for me to get to see, feel and taste what is was
all about, and watch my kids getting fishy:)

Owen waiting in the mud for Dad's skiff and crew to come fetch him

Owen and Parker

Owe and Garrrett

Who is that sack of potatoes in the front of the skiff?

Owen on the beach with the catch of the day.

Elizabeth and the bunkhouse

Cape ?

Amazing flowers that I didn't key out and learn what they are.........

Avery toasting marshmellows on our 'outside' beach combing walk. Her treasure was finding a whale skull. (which we thankfully left in Pilot Point, but she brought home some teeth)

Happy crew having a nosh around the fire.

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