Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wild Goose Chase

We have been seeing the tracks of the elusive  quilted snow goose.  Sighting are very rare in Alaska, it was much more commonly seen in Maryland until recently. We have been lead to believe that is has a new migration pattern, hitching rides on the USPO airplanes to new locations.

We were lucky enough to spot it in our very own yard! It was taking a relaxing moment in our hot tub, of all places.  Unfortunatley we were too noisy and it flew away.

Avery and Owen, felt up to the task and suited up in their hunting gear to go on a WILD GOOSE CHASE

Where oh where has that wild goose gone?

Look far and wide kiddo's it could be anywhere!

"Owen do you see it?"

Its over there!!


Dang, it is gone!

OH!  There it is, hiding on the cabin

Its hiding in the spruce tree!

Dori chased it to Sweet Creek.

Owen, quick shoot it!


Dang it, missed!

The hunters follow its tracks and stalk the wild goose up the hill. 

It turned up the wagon road and disappeared.

Our intrepid hunters follow the tracks, they are very fresh! Only minutes old (the tracks that is....).

The goose headed back to the creek and is crossing the bridge.

Owen takes careful aim, steadies the gun and .............

Misses again, as the goose take cover under a tree.

The search is back on, hmmm where in the world could it be?

On top  of the Wood Shed!

It takes flight!
and is flying away!

That sneaky goose is eying grandfathers flexible flyer....

He is stealing the sled, now he has a get away vehicle!

Our hunting dog, Dori uses her amazing sniffing skills to track down the goose.

After the Goose!!

Now what is that goose doing?

It's coming back at us!!

So, fast! Can we stop him?


OH NO! Right between Avery's legs!

Back to the Chase!

The Goose ditched the sled, now where did he go?

Yes, we'e got'm now!

Avery gets a good look at the goose in the tree.

Avery does it the old fashioned way, and spears it.

The problem is climbing the rickety old skinny little tree to retrieve the goose.

The hunters bringing home the 'bacon"

Should we chop its head off before cooking it?

Nah, we will just bake it all in the oven.

Carving up the goose.

The kids have decided that goose eyeballs are much better than fish eyeballs!!

Boy, are we hungry!!

Living off the fat of the land! Now that is what I call a successful wild goose chase.


anabele said...

I can't breathe, I am laughing so hard........
Too bad I didn't send the bowling ball as well, who knows what you guys would have done with that......

Susan & David Levy said...

Very funny! I'm amazed how much snow you already have!