Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Local Spruce

A day to appreciate trees. Especially our Spruce.
Yayyyy Spruce!!!!!
We love our Spruce! Here's one eeking out a living next to the glacier's edge near our home. 

Our schoolhouse and shop, built of spruce, framed between spruce. 

Owen getting after firewood

Elizabeth @ 6'2" behind some spruce firewood

This one must have lived very close to the glacier in its early years.  Note how it grew so slowly its first 50 years.

When we cut firewood, we like to count rings to date our spruce.

One of our favorite pieces of spruce. It lived for 210 years, and was dead when it was cut, and that was 20 years ago.    Small, but so old.  I am sure that we often burn pieces that are equally remarkable, but just don't take the time to notice. Note: bench and fire of Spruce

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