Thursday, May 23, 2013

In Cordova for the Bird Festival, May 2013

It rained non stop for the first 2 days,
and the wind was blowing really hard.
So when we went to look at birds there
were not very many to see.  Though we
saw about 20 lapland longspurrs they
were really cool.

After 2 days of rain it started to clear up and there was
a beautiful rainbow.

Now that the rain was gone birds started to arrive. We walked around for hours looking
at all sorts of birds.  We saw western sandpipers, northern pintail, white-winged
scoter, american golden-plover, 1 black oystercatcher, dunlins, and 1 merlin catch
 a western sandpiper! While it was raining for 2 days we saw about 14 trumpeter swans,
we saw great white-fronted geese, dusky canada geese, mallards, buffleheads, 1 osprey,
eagles, common raven, fox sparrow, commmon redpoll, and a couple arctic terns.

We went out on a boat with a friend to see sea otters. We found
pods of about 50 sea otters it was really cool.  Owen fished alittle
but did not cetch any thing.

On the fairy ride back we saw these 2 sea lions on this bouy.

On the fairy we drove close up to
some cliffs there were hundreds of
black legged kittiwake, and 2
mountain goats.

Any one know who Owen is hanging with?

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