Friday, February 22, 2013

The farm WWOOF 1/3 to 1/11/ 2013

                     We got lucky enough to spend 6 days on Granja Tia Nora: Farm Aunt Nora  (3 days, then a break to Huaco, then 3 more)

This is Owen feadding the animals

Mom at the farm 

Avery and Butthead feading the chickens


Grapes- ripe and available to snack on

Owen riding high

Grinding up the dry grass to use for all kinds of farm jobs.  Owen put the shrredded matter under the huge squash to keep them from rotting.

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The entrance to the kitchen where the best organic vegetarian meals were served.

Sunny Sunflower

Life on the farm can be grueling, however not always...

our 5 hour siestas were often at the pool.

We loved the Peacock

Weeding-  Great stuff- all goes to the animals.

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