Sunday, December 9, 2012

Eddie Aikau- North Shore Oahu Waimea Bay

Eddie Aikau is a true Hawaiin hero. He was a surfer legend, and a spokesman for the ressurection of the pride that Hawaiins could take in their culture and heritage. When we found ourselves "stuck" on Oahu for 2 days, we had to make the pilgrimage to the place he surfed and where he worked as a lifeguard and saved countless lives.

Here's a shot of his lifeguard station. Though when he worked there it was much simpler.

Eddie Aikau died in a valliant way. He was fullfilling his dream to make the trip from Hawaii to Tahiti in a replica of the voyaging canoes that are speculated to have originally have made the trip, when the first Polynisians came to Hawaii. The Hokule'a means "Arturus" which is one of the important navigational stars for the month long voyage. The trip started in rough weather and the canoe capsized. Against all odds Eddie insisted on going for help on his surfboard. He died trying to help all of his crew members.

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